$19 million Lotto Texas winning ticket

According to a worker at Master Food Mart in Willis,

lottery sales have increased since a customer bought a jackpot-winning ticket there in September.

The $19 million Lotto Texas Drawing winning ticket was sold on September 17

at Master Food Mart, 13053 E. FM 1097 Rd. in Willis, roughly 50 miles north of Houston in Montgomery County.

The winner, a resident of Katy, a suburb west of Houston, requested anonymity from the Texas Lottery Commission, according to the Texas Lottery Commission.

"I think it's incredibly thrilling for our tiny community to win something like this," Willis Store cashier Lydia LaRue said. 

"It will put us on the map and help us improve. That's fantastic, in my opinion."

According to a news statement from the Texas Lottery Commission,

Katy's anonymous winner chose the winning numbers - 5, 9, 18, 22, 35, and 37 - using the "quick pick" option.