10 Google search tricks to help you

1. Filter search results by date 

Let’s say you’re researching, and you only want to find results from the past five years.  

2. Exclude keywords you don’t need 

With this trick, you can exclude keywords you don't need. 

3. Search for file

Type filetype: at the beginning of your search if you're looking for a spreadsheet, PDF, or another document.  

4. Try Advanced Search 

Everybody knows how to do a regular search on Google. 

6. Stay up to date, the easy way 

Google can tell you the forecast, but I rely on a site the pros use to predict storms, plan flights and more. 

7. The final countdown 

This skill is shockingly useful, especially in the kitchen. 

8. Find the origins of a word 

Many people use Google as a dictionary, typing a word and then "definition" into the search engine. 

9. A handy translator 

Select the language you need to translate, then search for any word or phrase. 

10. Run two searches at the same time 

All you need to do is add your search terms and separate them by “and” or “or.”