What is SSL Certificate? How it works

An SSL certificate is a piece of code on your web server that enables online communication security. The SSL certificate permits an encrypted connection when a web browser visits your secured website. It’s similar to putting a letter in an envelope and delivering it via mail.

In other words, An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that permits an encrypted connection and verifies the legitimacy of a website. Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is a security protocol that establishes a secure connection between a website server and a web browser.

Criminals cannot read or manipulate data sent between two systems thanks to SSL, which secures internet connections. A watermarking next to the URL in the address bar denotes the best SSL protection for the website you are currently visiting.

What is an SSL Certificate? History

what is ssl certificate

A certificate authority, often known as a certification authority (CA), is an organization that stores, signs, and provides digital certificates in the field of cryptography.
A digital certificate attests to the named subject of the certificate’s ownership of a public key. As a result, third parties (relying parties) are able to trust declarations made regarding the private key that corresponds to the certified public key.

A CA serves as a reliable third party who is respected by both the certificate’s subject (owner) and the party using it.

The format of these certificates is specified by the X.509 or EMV standard.

One particularly widespread usage for certificate authority is to sign certificates used in HTTPS, the secure surfing protocol for the World Wide Web. Another frequent application is the issuance of identity cards by national governments for use in document electronic signatures.

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