How To Start A Blog In 2023 Step By Step

Hi, Do you want to know How to Start a Blog in 2023? 

If your answer is yes! then you don’t need to search “How to start a blog” anymore. 

Begin to start let me inform you, Is your decision correct to start a blog?

Should you start a blog in 2023?

Every day thousands of websites are created in the world even maybe more, but the question is why? why do most people are choosing? 

If you want to know my point of view then I would say Yes! But are you really interested in it? Are you passionate about writing an article and managing a website? 

If your answer is yes then continue reading, Yaa if you are passionate about your work then I will guarantee you that you will definitely succeed. 

Why you should start blogging?

We can’t deny that blogging is the best way to passive income and earning source. But also we can grow our business on an international level and very fast. If you have any products, ideas, and services then nobody will stop you.

I will guide you from scratch to advance, you don’t need to go anywhere. I will share it here

How to start a blog

  • Step 1: How to start a blog?
  • Step 2: Choose a Niche For your blog.
  • Step 3: Choosing the Best Domain For Your Blog
  • Step 4: Good Web Hosting Provider 
  • Step 5: Set Up Your Blog
  • Step 6: Essential WordPress Plugin
  • Step 7: Choosing an Attention Theme For Your Blog
  • Step 8: Add important pages to your blog
  • Step 9: Connect with social media
  • Step 10: Plan your content
  • Step 11: How to write articles and publishing

What you can do with blogging?

So finally you have decided to start blogging. Now I will tell you what you can get in blogging. 

  1. Express Yourself: Blogging is the platform that allows you to express yourself by writing content for your audience.
  2. Helping others:  By writing your content help others increase your brand value and get a fan following.
  3. Make Money Online: You can make money online and there is no limit that how much you can make money, your money will increase from time to time. You can make money by
  • advertising on your blog (Ad Networks like AdSense, and
  • Direct Advertisements.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Native Advertising.
  • Sell Digital products (eBooks, Blueprints)
  • Launch an Online Course.
  • Offer Online consulting.
  • Paid reviews/Sponsored posts.
  • Offer Services based on your skills
  • Brand value etc.

Step 1: How to start a blog with zero Experience?

I will give you a proper guide even if you do not have any previous experience with blogging. After reading this overall content you will have proper knowledge about blogging.

a) Select a blogging platform: Selecting a blogging platform is very important. I mean where do you want to create a blog? There are so many platforms where you can create a free blog.

Most bloggers start blogging with Word press, it is one of the most popular platforms where every popular blogger creates their blogs.

how to start a blog, WordPress is popular because is very easy and simple to use, anyone can learn in just a few hours.

Advantages of WordPress:

  • WordPress is a self-hosted blogging platform
  • You will be the owner of the blog.
  • You will have full freedom to use the best plugins.
  • In WordPress, you have all options to customize your theme to your requirement. 
  • WordPress has millions of communities and videos on a public platform to solve your problem.
  • WordPress is free to use and you won’t need to pay any charges.
  • If you create your blog on WordPress your site will rank on google soon.

Even you can also start with free blogging like “” but the bad thing is that is not for serious bloggers so if you are serious about blogging then better to go with WordPress.

Note: If you want to know all about hosting or cloud hosting you can visit here “”. This is one of the most trusted websites where you can get more information about the cloud, etc. Check this Any relevant anchor

What is Blogger?

Blogger is Google’s own content management platform. If you are willing to start a blog with Blogger then what you need is just an email id and the rest will be given free by Google.

Step 2: Choose a Niche For your blog

It is very very important is that to find your niche for your blog. What are you passionate about? On which topic you can give your 100 percent?

Yaa, I can understand It is difficult for someone to find a Niche for their blog. But you have to do it, so research on your topic on which topic you will enjoy while writing articles.

Bonus Tips : Life is a Journey not a Race same as Blogging will be your journey.

I would like to suggest you start a blog on a particular topic because in 2021 there is lots of competition if you start a blog on a particular topic then there are 99 percent chances that you will succeed in blogging.

Moreover, Google which is the biggest search engine prefers a website that is built on a single topic. For example, in blogging mafia, bloggingos, guide blogging, etc. topic is “blogging,” websites and that’s how you should choose a niche topic.

Every day, more than 2 million blog posts publish and according to Ahref around 91% of them won’t even get single traffic why?

Read: Any relevant anchor
how to start a blog

Because they lack somewhat the right niche and keyword selection.

Now the big problem is How to find a Niche for your blog?

Following are the tips that will help you to find a Niche for your blog:-

  • Choose the topic that you know better than anyone else.
  • Try to think about the topic that you mostly talk about and easy for you to explain.
  • Pick a topic that you usually read about and are interested in it.
  • Even if you still l find it difficult to get the best topic visit here and blog topic ideas.

Selecting the appropriate niche is the first and the most important step in starting a new blog for beginners.

How to Grab the best category of your choice:

a) Choose a category

how to start a blog

b) Choose a subcategory

let’s see examples of Health & Fitness

how to start a blog

(I have shared an example that how to choose a category)

Step 3: Choosing the Best Domain For Your Blog

Choosing the correct and best domain name is very important.

what is a domain? A domain name is a website name (Example:, A domain name is a Url of a blog.

There are a few rules to follow before buying any domain:

  1. Easy to type and remember
  2. Easy to pronounce
  3. Avoid slang & pop culture
  4. Your domain name should be shorter maybe 5 to 10 letters.
  5. Avoid Trademarks
  6. Buy domain name with SSL certificate:

This is what the domain name looks like:

Domain URL: or

a) What is HTTPS: It is known as a hypertext transfer protocol which will ensure the secure transmission of network files if un-secured then it will be HTTP only. b) What is WWW: It stands for the world wide web, no matter whether you use it or not. You will redirect to the same page. c) What is Ocweb/example: It is the name of the site as in my case I have taken but in your case, it could be different like .in,.com,.net,.xyz, etc. But I would recommend you to get a “.com” like extension because it ranks worldwide.

Where to buy a domain name?

You can buy anywhere like these sites, and Hostinger. in,, etc.

Don’t use domain extensions like .info, .net, and so on, because they tend to rank badly in Search engines. I always prefer to use a domain name extension like .com or .org, or .co.

.in is an extension that is used to rank in India only, so if you want to rank in India only then go with that otherwise .com is better for every time.

Step 4: Good Web Hosting Provider and Domain

Now, it’s time to choose Hosting for our blog.

If you don’t know what is hosting? let me inform you that web hosting is a place where your WordPress will be installed and data will be stored online. This is a server that is 24×7 and stays online. So Everything will be stored online in Hosting.

So choosing the best hosting provider is very important which runs 24×7 online.

There are plenty of hosting service providers. But I would like to suggest you If you have a low budget then simply go with Hostinger, Don’t think twice.

How To Start A Blog In 2023 Step By Step
How To Start A Blog In 2023 Step By Step

Before buying let us understand which type of hosting services you should buy and what are the features:

Types of Web Hosting?

Web Hosting has been classified into different types of hosting according to their features and website traffic handling capacity

a) Shared Web Hosting: Shared Web Hosting is the most recommended Web Hosting for every beginner, Where few websites have been hosted on a common server. An example you can understand like sharing room partners.

b) Dedicated and VPS Web Hosting: Dedicated hosting offers a dedicated server and resources for your blog and Website, which you can control in the way you want. Simply means there will be dedicated storage only for you.

Similarly, VPS Web Hosting is Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting that virtually mimics dedicated server environments within a shared server

VPS hosting has become a very popular choice because it is generally lower in cost than dedicated hosting but provides better reliability, security, and performance better than shared hosting.

c) Cloud  Web Hosting: The cloud allows you to spread your data across multiple, interconnected servers, located across a wide geographical area. These servers only exist in a virtual environment. This hosting is more costly other than any hosting.

d) WordPress Managed Web Hosting: WordPress-managed hosting is introduced by all the hosting providers to help WordPress bloggers optimize their sites. But it is very higher I won’t recommend it because speed performance can be improved by just installing plugins.

Hostinger provides hosting services at a very cheap price. Either if you have a budget to buy the best hosting services then I have shared below the link so you can check the price.

Note: – My recommendation for beginners is to go with shared hosting, almost every beginner starts with shared hosting, and also you can start with a minimum amount, are you ready to buy the best hosting service?

My Website Speed using Shared Hosting with Hostinger


Website speed using shared hosting with Hostinger

GTmatrix Performance


Later we can improve it by changing themes and plugins

Best hosting providers Buy Hosting Services.

Step 5: Set Up Your Blog

Now, it’s time to set up your blog. Installing WordPress is a very easy process, You don’t need to think much more about it. how to start a blog, keep reading.

Some hosting sites automatically install WordPress in our hosting panel but In some cases, we have to install it itself.

How to install WordPress?

Even if you are not getting an idea that how to set up WordPress in Hosting and creating a website then you can contact us at

After installing WordPress you need to install a Theme, But before that, You need to choose your theme. You may have listened to “The first impression is the last impression”.

And your website looks do matter. your website should be simple and good-looking neat and clean. you can choose a free theme or paid theme.

I usually use GeneratePress Theme so I would recommend you buy GeneratePress Theme because it is lightweight and simple to use.

There are a few more themes that I can suggest but before that let me tell you a few things which you keep in your mind while purchasing a theme – 

  • Make sure that premium themes should be lightweight and easy to use.
  • The theme should be responsive.
  • Support is the main thing, so try to find a theme that has excellent contact support like Generatepress

Some of my favorite themes which I personally use:

  • GeneratePress
  • Astra Pro
  • Schema

To install your theme go to your WordPress dashboard, and go to Appearance > Themes.

How To Start A Blog In 2023 Step By Step
how to start a blog

Next, click Add New and Upload button.

How To Start A Blog In 2023 Step By Step
how to start a blog

Then, click the Upload Theme button followed by the Choose File button click Install Now to install your new simple blog design.

How To Start A Blog In 2023 Step By Step
how to start a blog

Finally, click Activate and your blog theme is installed.

how to start a blog


Step 6: Essential WordPress Plugin

Plugins are very important for blogs. WordPress without Plugins is nothing because plugins Optimize your blog content as well as improve your blog speed and many more.

There are a few plugins i.e very very important for your blog.

Yoast SEO: SEO is important to rank and drive a lot of traffic. Yoast SEO is the plugin that becomes a favorite for every blogger. This plugin is very very essential for every blogger.

The best thing is that you can use it for free with some features. There is also another Plugin i.e Rank Math. I personally use Yoast SEO.

WP Rocket: I think you don’t know but speed is the best factor to rank on google. So WP Rocket is the plugin, which helps you to optimize your full website and make it faster. I strongly recommend you buy this plugin

Thrive Architect or Elementor: These are the page builders for designing any page. These plugins allow you to create your design landing page by just drag and dropping, I personally use both of them.

UpdraftPlus: Backup of your website is necessary, This plugin helps you to backup your full website, and you can restore that data whenever you need it. You can also free, you don’t need to pay the money

How To Start A Blog In 2023 Step By Step
how to start a blog

Note: I don’t recommend you to go with nulled or cracked plugins because these types of plugins are easy to hack by the hacker, and by this, you lose all your website data.I highly recommend you keep the investment mindset and treat your blog like a professional business.

Step 7: Choosing an Attention Theme For Your Blog

Some premium themes I would like to share with you which are the best forever. Here I have shared the most popular lightweight theme which I always personally use them.

Astra Pro: Astra pro is a lightweight theme that anyone can use and create a simple blog after customizing. The most important is that this theme customization is very simple, Only you need to install the theme and Astra plugin and then activate and customize and use it.

GeneratePress: GeneratePress, is one of the most popular themes for every blogger. Yet most popular bloggers recommend using it.

Step 8: Add important pages to your blog

Some important pages that you should create on your blog. like

About page: It contains details about your work and you.

Contact page: Contact page where readers can send you messages or those who want to contact you. and also the Terms and conditions, Disclosure, Disclaimer, and Privacy policy page.

Step 9: Connect with social media

How To Start A Blog In 2023 Step By Step
how to start a blog

Now create social accounts on social media and build your brand. And social media is the best platform from which you can get traffic for your blog.

So create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Quora and share your blog-related posts.

Step 10: Plan your content

Now, Time to create content for your blog. I would recommend to before writing your first blog post make a plan about your articles.

Which articles you should write and how you should write these are the problems you have to face,

so I would like to recommend making a chart of questions and article titles and then writing your best content.

Because content is king if your content is good then no more SEO is important. Your articles should be at least 1000 words.

Tips for writing An Article for your blog post:

  • When you are writing a post then think that you are talking to a reader.
  • Write your every article of at least 1000+ words.
  • Do not use images from google and copy the same sentences from other websites.
  • Use your own images which you have created or modified. You can also free images for your blog like pixel, pixabey, etc.
  • You are allowed to embed YouTube videos on your blog.
  • You can get ideas from other websites and write them in your sentences.

Step 11: How to write articles and publishing

This is one of the best topics for your blog and I think no one explains it like me anywhere which I have shared so follow all these steps for writing an article.

I am sharing a strategy of a hundred-day blogging strategy for being successful in blogging.

I hope these articles would help you out. If you have any quarry regarding Blogging and website designing contact us and ask questions.

100 days of successful blogging articles writing strategy

How to start a blog in 2023

How To Start A Blog In 2023 Step By Step
How To Start A Blog In 2023 Step By Step

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