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What Makes Stocks go Up and Down? -(2023)

What makes stocks go up and down Now It is time that you try to understand the factors which influence the stock market. Once you get clarity about these factors, as an investor you would be in a better position in deciding when to increase your stock market investments and when you should startbooking profits. … Read more

Process of Investing In Secondary Market – Ocweb (2023)

Process of Investing in Secondary market: Now that you have opened your Demat and trading account you are ready to start your stock market investing process. Process of Investing in Secondary market Below we have mentioned the basic steps followed while buying and selling shares. Process of Buying Shares: 1. Place an order with your … Read more

How to Invest in IPO? Explain – (2023)

How to Invest in IPO One of the ways of investing in shares is investing in them via the Initial Public Offer (IPO) route i.e. when any company issues shares to the public for the first time and gets listed on the stock exchange. Until an IPO is released, the stakeholders in the company are … Read more

How to Start Trading Stocks: Step By Step Beginner’s Guide (2023)

How to start trading stocks To start investing in the stock market you need to open two accounts mentioned below. 1. Opening a Demat Account 2. Opening a Trading Account Before we proceed to the details of the Demat account first let me talk about the term depository. Depository: A depository is an organization or … Read more

What is a Secondary Market? – (2023)

What is a secondary market The secondary market is the market where securities once issued are bought and sold between investors. Secondary market comprises of equity market and the debt market. The instruments traded in secondary markets include securities issued in the primary market as well as derivative products like futures and options derived from … Read more

What is a Primary Market: Definition (2022)

what is a primary market? The primary market also known as new issue market is the market where equity or debt capital is raised by the issuers by offering securities to the investors. Thus primary market is a place where securities are created and are made available to the public for the first time. The … Read more

What are marketable securities? (2022)

First, let us try to understand the term ‘securities’ before proceeding further. Financial instruments which are tradable or that can be bought and sold are generally referred to as securities. What are marketable securities? For example – Shares, Bonds, etc. In India, the word “securities” is defined in clause (h) of section 2 of the … Read more

What type of risk is involved with the stock market? – 2o22

What type of risk is involved with the stock market?
Although it is a fact that returns on long-term investment in equity shares are always rewarding when it is compared with returns generated by other investing avenues. But at
At the same time, it contains various risks that an investor needs to be aware of before investing in it

Why Invest In Equities? | Best Equity Investments 2022

Why Invest In Equities? Although there are plenty of investment avenues available to investors, investing in shares (equities) is one of the most common investments made by investors, as it can offer high returns when invested for a longer period of time. What are Equity Investments? When you invest in equities the possibility to increase … Read more

How To Invest Basics – Best Beginner’s Guide 2022

What are the basics of investing? So, Are you a beginner who wants to get enter into Stock Market? Don’t Worry I gonna help you with a complete guide that How to invest in the stock market? If you want to learn about How to invest Basics? Then you’ve found the correct article for your … Read more