Ground Source Landscaping reviews

Ground Source Landscaping reviews, get the reviews of Ground Source Landscaping here people have given lots of reviews here.

Our lawn was redone with the new St. Augustine last month. Ground Source was the only company to follow up with us after they submitted an offer that was not the most affordable but still affordable. Joe explained that some of the soil from the sod farm wasn’t in the best shape at the time and that it was possible for some to fail to take root. Joe was correct, approximately 5% of our lawn died. Joe was able to have it replaced in less than a week. We are grateful for your professionalism and hard work.

Ground Source Landscaping reviews

Diane W


We had our lawn redone last month with the new St. Augustine. We choose Ground Source because we’re the only company that followed up with us after they submitted a bid that was not the cheapest but was affordable. Joe explained to us that some of the Sod coming from the sod farm was in less-than-perfect shape at the time and that there was a chance some of it would not take hold. He was right, about %5 of our new lawn died. We called Joe, and they had it replaced in less than a week. Thank you for finishing the job.


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