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What is virtual data room?


Hi, Sam from In this video today, I’m going to break down for you, what actually is a Virtual Data Room?

what is a virtual data room

And how could it benefit your company?

what is a virtual data room? So whilst there are lots of similarities between a client portal and a virtual data room there are also differences between them.

A Virtual Data Room is made up of some specific characteristics so let’s dive in.

So a Virtual Data Room is a private online space for users

to work collaboratively in a controlled environment.

This is based on the practice that confidential work in person would see employees physically locking themselves in a room

and only them working on that project can enter.

This idea has been taken and replicated online.

With some providing bank-grade security virtual data rooms are an online safe for confidential data and projects

And a secure way to collaborate with clients, data rooms have great use in certain industries
such as legal and financial services, and are useful for more specific tasks

that emails or file storage services alone would struggle to compete with.

So let’s cover some defining aspects of these secure online spaces

as I mentioned earlier virtual data rooms need to offer enhanced security for their users.

As people increasingly are working from home this can be a potential weak point in businesses’ security

As cyber risks from working from home are heightened

With a virtual data room, you can set a level of security for your individual members

Which extends to creating guest access and granting temporary permissions to your secure room.

This is particularly useful when external stakeholders
need to contribute to a specific part of a project
and with that in mind, security is then a defining aspect of a virtual data room.

And this is one of the main reasons customers opt for it, the next defining feature of a virtual data room

is that they have accessibility from anywhere, they’re hosted in the cloud.

and therefore are able to be accessed from anywhere, which is incredibly useful for clients around the world

and for those unable to access an in-person office.

and with the rise of remote working and globalization the need to access work online

where ever clients and employees may be, increases too.

Companies now need to be able adaptable to fit in the with the new normal and easy accessibility

in one virtual place, makes a virtual data room increasingly indispensable.

As well as the features I’ve mentioned one of the virtual data rooms’ greatest strengths

is it’s file-sharing capabilities, having a centrally accessible way to view and interact with your files

Is essential for businesses as they become more reliant on a cloud-based service

So the benefit of using a virtual data room is that it’s a cost-effective way

to keep things private, there are many ways to store work with files and clients online

However safety and security may be at risk with cheaper options,

Ensuring that your working environment is in a safe and encrypted product like a virtual data room

is certainly less expensive than a data breach further down the line.

Hopefully this video has given you some insights into what a virtual data room is

and the defining aspects of what actually makes up a virtual data room and why companies

choose to go with them to help them with their day to day running of their businesses.

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