Coin App Sentinel: Coin App Review 2023

In this era so many businesses like bitcoin are now appealing to newcomers in the forms of cryptocurrency. I gonna talk about briefly “Coin App Sentinel” and its features. If we take examples of cryptocurrency there are lots of apps like Wajir, Upstox, Hi doller, etc.

Coin, If I talk about coin then this can maximize your earnings within the coin app an application that rewards you with an in-app currency called coin that you can exchange for cryptocurrencies like the xyo token bitcoin Ethereum or physical rewards like apple airports ipads and other stuff by simply sharing your location data and geo mining so it’s not a fully passive application. Only have to invest at least a little bit of time

How does the coin app sentinel work?

coin app really offers a bunch of different features and ways how you can earn coins that you can asset then redeem for physical rewards or cryptocurrencies to actually get a monetary benefit out of using the coin app. so, I do my best to cover everything in the shortest amount of time possible and also do my best to cover the paid features that boost your earnings like. For example the physical NFC card or Bluetooth.

The dongle that you can buy on the coin app website and also obviously the paid subscriptions also boost your earnings so that in the end after reading this article not only will you know how to earn the most on the free plan but you’ll also be able to better charge if either getting one of the physical devices for a one-time purchase or going for a subscription or going for both is actually profitable in your case and based on my experience I already decided that I will definitely go for the pro subscription that comes at 34.99.

If I remember right and additionally, I also ordered not only one of the physical devices but the NFC card and the Bluetooth dongle to boost my earnings further because I strongly believe that for me getting those devices and the pro subscription will actually be profitable in the long run based on how my days are structured how much time I can spend on the phone.

What is COIN SentinelX?

The Sentinel X will go with you while you mine COINS for use as prizes in the app. Use in conjunction with the COIN app for an x12 benefit when geo-mining. Depending on usage, the Bluetooth range is between 100 and 300 feet, and the battery life is one year. Truck drivers and other individuals who commute frequently are the Geominers who mine the most.

xyo sentinelx

Geomining, according to XYO, is the process of exploring and discovering digital objects or assets from a real, physical environment while collaborating with other geominers and sharing pertinent geographical data.

What network does XYO use?

Aiming to give precise location information for anything from autos to smartphones, XYO is a decentralized crypto-location oracle network.

What does Sentinel NFC card do?

The SentinelX NFC card, the newest member of the SentinelX family, uses near-field communication technology to assist us confirm the accuracy of your location. Earn a 10% increase on each COIN Premium Plan and 12x rewards on a Basic COIN Plan!

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