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A “common app” is nothing it is just an application that is used by students. Using a common application we can apply to multiple colleges which you dream about. Want to know everything about common app college? I have discussed this briefly here.

Now the first question comes to your mind,

What is the common application?

The common app is the only online ‘college application’ that is used by 1000 colleges and universities. Also, from the common app, you can find your address, GPA, etc. The Common App dashboard also allows you to keep track of crucial application materials such as letters of recommendation and deadlines.

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How many countries accept the Common Application?

various countries support a common app, including the United States, Canada, China, Japan, and many European countries

What colleges use the Common App?

Education has traditionally been seen as a necessary part of a person’s personal development. Going to a good college with intellectual batchmates, efficient teachers, a superior curriculum, and more is said to help shape a student’s personality. However, lengthy online and offline procedures for applying to universities can result in missed opportunities for admission to the best colleges.

Common App colleges are a diverse “group of universities” that include private, public, large, small, engineering, universities, and art colleges. View the complete list of the 900+ Common App schools. Every year on August 1, the Common App goes live.

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Does Common App cost?

Usually, the common app charges approximately 30$ to 80$ for every college’s processing fees (This is for only U.S department aspirants) may be charged more for international students.

How do you apply to colleges on common app?

Following these few steps, you can easily apply to your dream college through the common app

1. Download Common App

You can easily download a common app from Playstore (for android users), For Apple users, you can download it from the IOS store.

2. Create a Common App account

To get started, all you need is an e-mail address. You’ll be asked to establish a login and password, as well as answer a few questions about yourself.

3. Confirm your school’s list accepts the Common Application

The common app does not accept all schools. Add colleges of interest to your Common App account’s My Colleges list.

4. Review the admission information for every school in which you are interested.

Remember that Common App institutions may have various criteria for writing, exams, essays, and letters of recommendation. Do your homework, please! Although all colleges will accept the same Common College Application, some may have different admission standards.

5. Collect the data you know you’ll require.

Most applications will want a copy of your high school transcript and extra activities so collect your all information properly.

6. Work on your application now.

Your application dashboard will display all of your institutions as well as the status of each application component. Choose an easy topic and fill in information properly even also you can ask your class teacher where you have studied for a recommendation letter which will be beneficial for you.

7. Track Status

On your common application dashboard, you will be guided to check regularly when the status shows green then your application has been submitted to a particular college.

8. Submit

Submit your all information materials at noon time according to your local time zone. Also, there will be a deadline to submit on time.


I hope this information will be helpful for you further if you have any queries regarding this you contact this official website link common app

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