10 Best Android Open Source Code for Developers Practice


Are you looking for source codes that you can modify for practice? Here I am going to share the 10 best android source codes that will help you to practice. With these source codes, android developers can enhance their android development skills.

Open-source codes providers always give opportunities to new developers to learn development skills. Because open-source code software and apps are always open to the public by which they can utilize and modify it and learn from that. In a simple way, open-source code projects are only for newbie developers.

There are millions of android users in this era, millions and billions of apps are using by android users. and most of these apps are made with Java and Kotlin. If you want to become an android developer you must have a basic idea of these programming languages. So first learn android development from any institute or online anywhere you can learn very easily. For new developers, they have to struggle to learn to code but by practicing you can be a good developer.

Open-source codes help the users to learn the structure of android development and how to merge apps etc. If you are an experienced developer then you can add some extra features to the open-source codes. And most of the developers do this for their starting carrier and as a project, they do this thing.

So, now I am here to share with you the 10 Best android open source code for android developers. These open-source codes can boost your android development skills. best android open source code free download easily.

Best Android Open Source Codes

1. Easy Sound recorder

Easy sound recorder is a very simple and easy open-source code that anyone can use and modify. This project can improve you to learn Android voice recording integration in android studio.

Google Play: Easy Sound Recorder

Source code: GitHub

2. LeafPic
leafPic and it is a fluid

This open-source code is a leafPic and it is fluid. And it is a material design gallery app. It helps to learn how to use the gallery in developing an android app for new developers.

Google Play: Not Available

Source code: GitHub

3. TimberX Music Player

This app is written in Kotlin and it is for android users TimerX comes with a simple UI design and with more features. These open-source codes help to learn coding who learns Kotlin.

Google Play: TimberX Music Player

Source code: GitHub

4. AntennaPod

It is a podcast manager and player that gives you access to millions of free and also paid podcasts, by using it as a source code you will learn the integration of new features of android development.

Google Play: AntennaPod

Source code: GitHub

5. Super Clean Master

This app is used to clean junk data and files and by this app is also you can modify it by using source codes.

Google Play: Not Available

Source code: GitHub

6. OmniNotes

This is an Omni talk app by this app you will learn how to develop your own note talking application with features like basic add, modify, archive, trash and delete notes actions, insertion of an image, audio and generic file, etc.

Google Play: OmniNotes

Source code: GitHub

7. Open Camera

Have you ever use an open camera, Open cameras have a fully-featured camera, by this open-source code you will learn many things related to your camera settings, utilizing, taking photos, noise controlling, etc.

Google Play: Open Camera

Source code: SourceForge

 8. Amaze File Manager

This is a lite file manager app for android users, by this open-source code, you can learn so many features of developing file manager access coding, SD card access, etc.

Google Play: Amaze File Manager

Source code: GitHub

9. Minimal ToDo

This is a Minimal ToDo a lightweight Android app for the to-do list.  This app will help beginners to develop a simple to-do list app.

Google Play: Minimal ToDo

Source code: GitHub

10. Telegram

Telegram is one of the most used apps by android developers. And also this provides open-source codes for new developers to learn and by this, you can learn so many things in android development.

Google Play: Telegram

Source code: GitHub

So these are the 10 Best android open source codes for new developers, by using this you can enhance your developing performance and learn new skills. One thing to remember is always in learning to code you need to hard work and give the time for practice.

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